Fire Fighting Suit SR-F1011

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Fire Fighting Suit SR-F1011

Fire Fighting Suit  SR-F1011

Standard:  EN469: 2005/A1:2006


1. Outer Layer: Nomex IIIA Fabric (93% m-aramid, 5% p-aramid 2%anti-static out layer 200gsm, 6.0oz)

2. Waterproof Layer: Aramid fiber felt coated with PTFE

3. Thermal Layer: Aramid Fiber Felt (80% m-aramid and 20% p-aramid) quilted with 50% aramid fiber and 50% flame retardant viscose fiber.


Protect fire fighters when putting out a fire

Special Property

Flame retardant, heat-resistant, waterproof, steam permeable, with comfortable inner, the outside facing component layer is anti-static, acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, high temperature preventing with good thermal stability, etc,

Certifiate: EN469: 2005/A1:2006

Remarks: The style can be customized, and the position of the reflective tape can also be adjusted according to requirements.


Customization is welcome.